Exotentik Voyages

Exotentik Voyages was born because we believe that travel is a unique experience every time. All these places that can not be ignored and which marks us forever. The contact of the inhabitants and a different environment from ours, a curiosity towards another way of life ... The authenticity.

This authenticity is to us in parallel with "tourism" and sees its importance increased with the scenery ... the exotic.

The journey then becomes precious and lives before, during and after. In this sense, the journey is no longer limited to 'holiday'.

Our main objective is to propose or develop your packages for you according to your tastes, your desires and interests. They are directed or paired with a program of sports adventure, a wedding, a honeymoon or even your health and wellbeing, our experienced team, passionate, caring and dynamic will offer you a complete and personalized service ...

Where exoticism and authenticity meet!

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Exotentik Voyages
1046 Boulevard du Curé
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Tel: (450) 661-0977

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1046, boul. Curé Labelle
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